Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church, a church of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Join us in receiving the gifts of Christ, even the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation, in God's Word and Divine Service.

Service Times

9:30 am Bible Classes  

10:45 am Sunday Worship


A Sunday service will be broadcast on WBBZ-1220 AM at 11:00 a.m.

Also, go to our  YouTube Channel that we are sharing with First Lutheran in Ponca City to watch special online services, both for Lenten Vespers and for Sunday Matins. (Click here.)

Pastor Moerbe is also posting Bible studies and daily devotions.  (Click here.)

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church, a church of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Join us in receiving the gifts of Christ, even the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation, in God's Word and Divine Service.






Contact Information

Phone 580-363-4026
Email trinityblackwell@sbcglobal.net

125 Vinnedge
Blackwell, OK 74631



Coronavirus Announcement

March 17, 2020

Beloved in Christ,                                                                                                           In this time of distress and confusion we are reminded that the future is not in our control. I thank the Lord that thus far no cases of the COVID-19 have been reported among our congregation members. I also pray for His mercy as it appears that this trial will endure for some time. 

The advice given to Christians facing the plague in the 16th century by Martin Luther is still full of wisdom for our day. Luther reminds us that the Lord is in control and is more than able to protect us. At the same time, He, who knows how to sustain life, also knows how to bring us out of death. In short whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s (Romans 14:8). We are called to be neither fearful nor reckless. 

Many gatherings of various sorts have been postponed or cancelled due to this pandemic. There is much debate among Christians as to when worship services should be included among the cancellations. There is nothing we desire more than that Christians gather together and receive Christ’s gifts in anticipation of the final gathering of all believers at the marriage feast of the lamb. Still the elders and I have determined that at this point to follow President Trump’s recommendation endorsed by the CDC to limit personal contact outside the home as much as possible; therefore, we have suspended worship services at First Lutheran in Ponca City and Trinity Lutheran in Blackwell for the next two weeks. We will continue to monitor the situation and pray that we will not need to extend these arrangements.

I know this decision will not find universal agreement. If you disagree, please understand that we do this for safety and out of love for our neighbors, not just each other who would be gathered together, but all those who will continue to be affected as long as this pandemic continues. If we have erred, please forgive us. Below is an outline of our rationale for the decision we made, as well as a brief description of my commitment to care for our congregations in this time.

            1) Plans are well underway to ensure that the proclamation of the Word continues among us. I, with Jennifer Heitman and Chris Schelp at First Lutheran, want to ensure that there are worship services that can be viewed online. We will also do our best to have a service that can be aired on WBBZ 1230 at our regular time.

            2) God calls us to love our neighbor, and that includes making sacrifices so that we do not become the transmitter of disease to them. This is in keeping with the Fifth Commandment that we do not hurt or harm our neighbor in his body, but help and support him in every physical need. Many of us have stayed home to take care of sick children. Now we will stay home to protect the health of the community.

            3) We owe our elected officials respect and obedience according to the Fourth Commandment. Nobody is telling us to deny our faith. We will be staying home out of love, not fear.

            4) I do not want anyone to be able to say that the church is the reason this pandemic is not contained sooner. 

My commitment to those entrusted to my pastoral care:

  1. I will not stop praying for you, our congregations, our communities, our nation, or the world.
  2. I will provide for your ongoing pastoral care as best I can. (I even joined Facebook, so I can share the Gospel with as many people in our congregations as possible.)
  3. The elders and I will begin discussing ways in which we can share in the Sacrament of the Altar as soon as possible.
  4. I will respond as quickly as I can to any requests for pastoral care. If there is anything I can do for you or your family, please contact me, your elder, or the church office, and I will do everything in my power to take care of you.

As we continue to evaluate the situation, please keep our congregational leaders as well as our civic leaders in your prayers.

The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be and abide with you all. We are in the Lord’s hands, and that is a good place to be.

Pastor Moerbe